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PHOENIX (Nov. 4) – Today the Local 2544 Border Patrol Union, representing Tucson Border Patrol agents, released a statement endorsing the No on Prop 205 campaign. Local President Art del Cueto cites increased cartel activity and marijuana-related crime as some of the many reasons to oppose Prop 205 in the following statement: 

“Border Patrol agents are on the front lines in the fight against illicit drugs and the violence associated with drug trafficking. Our members make up the men and women responsible for protecting our borders. We see, firsthand, the dangers posed by cartels and the destructive impact drugs have on children and families. We feel it is necessary to weigh in on this issue as not only law enforcement officials, but also as parents and as concerned members of our community.

Make no mistake this proposition is bad for families, bad for public safety, and bad for Arizona. Communities are less safe when we allow people to walk the streets, to interact with our children, and to drive on our roads high. Those who seek to peddle marijuana out of a storefront near you do not have your best interest at heart. Just like big tobacco, the companies who once swore their product was not addictive, are motivated by money and nothing else.  

We are proud to join a bipartisan group of law enforcement officials and organizations in rejecting this dangerous policy written for and by marijuana special interests. If Prop 205 passes, it will entice criminal enterprises to Arizona, as we have seen in Colorado, creating an environment in which they can operate while hiding in plain sight. As officers of the law, we took an oath to protect our communities. Prop 205 will make Arizona less safe. That’s why we reject this policy and are urging all Arizonans to vote NO on Prop 205 this coming Tuesday, November 8th.”