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Special interests behind Prop 205 have all the answers but rarely do we get the facts. They’re spending millions to make Arizonans believe that Prop 205 would be a cash cow for our schools. In an effort to provide the most accurate information regarding recreational marijuana, No on Prop 205 will issue a weekly fact-check of the dubious statements put forth by proponents of Prop 205.

Wednesday on KTAR’s Mac & Gaydos’ Show, JP Holyoak stated that DUI’s and DUID’s related to marijuana have not increased in Colorado.

“It is absolutely false. Look it up. In fact, DUID citations actually went down from 2014-2015 in Colorado.”

Listen to his interview here.

In Colorado, DUI’s, DUID’s, and traffic fatalities related to marijuana have all increased.

Marijuana-related traffic deaths increased 62 percent when recreational marijuana was legalized in 2013.


Likewise, in 2015 77 percent of all DUIDs in Colorado involved marijuana.


So, despite JP’s insistence that marijuana does not affect our roads – data from Colorado suggests otherwise.